LMS: How to create a Quiz

Get into Dashboard > Courses > Quiz > Add New here you can add the new quiz.

You can configure each single quiz contest with following options


You can switch between following available layouts ‘Without Sidebar’, ‘Left Sidebar’, ‘Right Sidebar’ and ‘Both Sidebar’.

And also refer the link http://wesupport.wpengine.com/knowledge-base/sidebar-settings/ for how to create/assign the sidebar widgets.

And also here you can assign the subtitle and quiz durations in mins.

2. Number of retakes

Here you can assign the number of retakes to the quiz option.This option is override by the teachers grading option where you can chage the status to the retakes.

3. Quiz Message & Randomized option

Here  you can give the quiz messages which is displayed after completion of the quiz. And you can randomize the questions order.

4. Questions

Here only you can assign the questions with marks for the quiz which created under the Question bank option.

5.Pass Percentage

Here you can assign the pass percentage of the quiz .

6. Auto Evalution

When you enable the Auto Evaluation option the questions are evaluated automatically and the results are displayed (When the Show Correct Answer and Answer Explanation option is Enabled) after the completion of the quiz.

If you disable this option the the questions are evaluated manually and the quiz is graded by the evaluator. When the test graded then the student receives the mail with the test result.

Student can view their purchased courses, Certificate & Badges detail under their profile page

7.Public Quiz

When you enable the public quiz option user will be able to take this quiz without assigning it to any lessons.

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