LMS: How to create a Lessons

Get into Dashboard > Courses > All Lessons > Add new here you can add the new lesson.
You can configure each single lesson post with following options

Default Lesson Options


You can switch between following available layouts Without Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and Both Sidebar.

And also refer the link http://wesupport.wpengine.com/knowledge-base/sidebar-settings/ for how to create/assign the sidebar widgets.

2. Lesson Course

You must assign the course that you have created, so that the lessons are assigned to the particular course.

If you are not assign any lessons under the course type it cause the Division By Zero error.


You need to assign the lesson teacher to the lesson. And you can split the lessons based on the chapters by assinging the parent lessons.

4.Video & Lesson Duration

You can add a video references (Supports youtube,vimeo and mp4 video formats). Here you can add a single reference only. And also you can assign the lesson durations which is reflect on the whole course duration time.

5. Private Lesson

When you enable the Private Lessons option then lessons are visible only to the users who have purchased the course this lesson belongs to.


And also you can assign the quiz for the particular lessons which are created under the.Once quiz assigned it in to the one lesson then it cannot be used for another lesson.


How to Lesson Complexity

You can create a lesson complexities via the two ways.

  1. Get into Dashboard > Courses > Lesson Complexities > Add New.
  2. Create a lesson complexities under the lessons Meta Box > Add New lesson complexities in the lessons page.

How to set the lesson slug value

If you want to change the lesson slug value means get into Dashboard > LMS > LMS > Theme Courses > Permalink Settings > there you can assign the lesson slug values.

Watch following video for better understanding

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