LMS: How to create assignments

Get into Dashboard > Courses > Assignments > Add New here you can add the assingment.

You can configure each single assingment with following options


Here you can add sutitle for your assignment.

2. Maximum Mark

Here you can assign the maximum obtained marks for the correponding assignments.

3. Enable Text Area

When you enable this option, it will add the notes text area in your front end view.

4. Enable Attachment & Attachment Types & Attachment Size

When you enable this option, it will provide the facility for users to attach their assignments.

Under the attachment option you can add the formats for the user attachments and also here you can assign the maximum file upload size for the attachements.

You can set the maximum file attachment size less than 16MB. If you like to have more than 16MB, than you have to make changes in php.ini file.

5. Include In Course Evaluation

When you enable this option, it will add the assignment evaluation process and mark into the course evalution and marks.

6. Assignment Course

You must assign this course field, then you can view the assignment process under the corresponding course page (Front End).

7. Assignment Course

When you enable this option. Then this assignment is visible only to the users who have purchased the course this assignment belongs to.

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