Setting up a Static Front Page

You can change this so readers see a static page instead, and can view your posts on a different page.

  1. Click Pages → Add New in your Dashboard.
  2. Title this page “Home” (you can, of course, name it whatever you like).
  3. Type the content you want displayed on the front page of your blog and publish it. Make sure the Page’s Visibility is not set as Private, otherwise it can’t be selected as a static front page.
  4. Write another new page.
  5. Title this page “Posts” (Or “blog” if you want
  6. You don’t need to type content, because it won’t be displayed. Publish the page.
  7. Click Settings→Reading on the left menu in your Dashboard.
  8.  Set yours to look like this: Front Page Settings

After making these changes, posts will no longer show on the front page of your blog. The static page “Home” will show there. Visitors will need to click on the link to “Posts” page to see your posts.

Note: Your front page can also be set using the Customizer


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