Menu creation

Menu creation works as in default WordPress.

To add your own menus go to Appearance > Menus, type Name for your menu and click Create Menu. In next step, in section Theme Locations for position Main menu you need to choose a menu that you’ve just created.

Now you can add Pages, Posts and Custom Links from blocks located on the left. At the end you need to save it by clicking on Save Menu.
If you want to add special things to menu like portfolio categories, posts categories, classes for links, etc. then please click on “Screen options” button in right top corner and there is much more options that can be used for menu items.

With this theme we also created Mega Menu option so you can create nice menus with items in columns with titles or without. If you want to create mega menu as we did for “Shortcodes” section on our demo, then it should be done as on image next to.

For Mega Menu columns you must add menu item with # “URL” attribute and – as “Navigation label” value. Under this empty columns you can add right menu items.

But if you want columns with “Titles” at the top, then instead of – you must type own value.
To understand how we built menu with MegaMenu options, we recommend to upload xml file with dummy content so you can learn faster and easier how it works.


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