Jewellery : Colors Settings

General Color settings are options that will affect your entire site. This seems like a good place to start customizing your theme…

In this section, you choose the colors for your site. It includes background colors for sections like the menu bar and footer, as well as text colors. Let’s explore the options:

  • The Primary Color option controls your main text color, various interface colors, button colors, and more. It is well used throughout your site. The color you choose here should contrast with both a white background and the background color you choose for the outer site section.
  • The Secondary Color is used for alternate text color and other places.
  • The Link/Button hover color will appear when you hover over most links and buttons.
  • Note: *** Apart from these colors , we have included an option to change the section’s heading and its relative block’s color using color picker.You can find those color pickers respective sections.

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