Rise | Responsive OnePage Parallax Template

In addition to tutorial videos, we also do highlight videos for major releases so you can easily keep up to date on what features are being added to the theme and how to use them.

  1. Installing Rise WordPress Theme
  2. Rise One Page And External Menu Setup
  3. Rise Blog Template Setup
  4. Rise Blog Single Page Setup
  5. Rise Portfolio Template Setup
  6. Portfolio Singlepage Template Setup
  7. Rise Parallax Template Setup
  8. Rise Shortcode Builder

1.Installing Rise WordPress Theme

Here we help you know the process of Installing or setting up our Rise WordPress Theme for your sites easily.

Here in this video manual, we have shown you the Setting up of Rise One-page Theme. So you will know the way to make this as One-page theme, and to make One-page into External menu as Well.

3.Rise Blog Template Setup

Here in this Video manual, we have shown the process of setting up the Blog page template in our “Rise One Page & Multipage WordPress Theme”.

4.Rise Blog Single Page Setup

Just take a look at this video manual for setting up the onepage Blog template in our “Rise One Page WordPress Theme”.

5.Rise Portfolio Template Setup

In this video manual, we’re going to see how to setup a portfolio page template with our “Rise responsive portfolio WordPress Theme”..

6.Portfolio Singlepage Template Setup

Here in this video manual, we have shown you the clear idea to setup the single page portfolio template for our “Rise One page Portfolio Theme”..

7.Rise Parallax Template Setup

This video helps you to know the clear view for setting up of parallax template for Our “Rise Parallax Responsive Theme”..

8.Rise Shortcode Builder

Take a look at this video, which shows the demo to use the shortcode builder along with the “Rise One Page Parallax WordPress Theme”.

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