Vivagh : General Settings

General Settings Options

General Settings

Enable Nice Scroll – Enable or Disable the nice scroll in your site.

Globally Show Page Comments – Enable or Disable to show comments on all the pages.

Show all pages in Pagination – Enable or Disable to show all the pages instead of dots near the current page.

Style Picker – Enable or Disable to show the style picker in your pages.

Loader Animation – Enable or Disable to show the loading animation in your pages.

Responsive Settings

Make My Site Responsive – Enable or Disable your site is responsive or not.

Show Slider for Mobile Devices – Enable or Disable the sliders for mobile devices.

Advanced Setting

Static CSS – Enable or Disable to use static CSS files instead of Theme Options.

Custom CSS Options – Add your own custom CSS which will override the theme CSS.

Replace Buddha Panel Logo – Enable or Disable the custom admin panel logo. If YES to enable the custom admin panel logo then click on upload button to select admin logo from your media library.

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