Trend Salon : Page Builder Options

Page Builder Options

Column Options

Every column comes with 3 types of options. They are,

  1. Settings – It is used add additional CSS class for this column alone.
  2. Clone – Click this button to clone the column along with every modules added inside. Those cloned column will be added immediately after current column.
  3. Delete – Used to delete the column completely along with its settings.

Fullwidth Section or Fullwidth Section Video

These sections comes with lots of options in ‘Settings‘ button to configure fullwidth section. Some of the available options are,

  1. Fullwidth Section – Bacground Color, Background Image, Parallax Effect, Background Repeat, Background Position, Padding Top, Padding Bottom, CSS Class, etc,.
  2. Fullwidth Section Video – MP4, WEBM, OGV, Poster Image, Background Image, Padding Top, Padding Bottom and CSS Class.

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