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Header Options

Header is probably the most important section for theme because this is what users sees first. That`s we created 17 different header styles for better purposes. You can enable menu icons, enable header over slider, top, border radius,… of the header.

Note: Most of the following header options also available in Template pages (custom post), which is used to create unique pages. It means, yes you change the header for particular page alone also.

Header layout

To setup header layout, please navigate to “Dashboard > Appearance > Trend Salon Options > Layout > Header” section and choose one of available Header Types. Below header types, you can also setup some other options that we listed below:

  • Header Content – Content added here will appear in right side of menu. This option is applicable only for header type 6.
  • Enable Menu Icons – You can enable menu icons for any type of header.
  • Enable Header Over Slider – With this option you can move the header over slider.
  • Line Height – You can adjust the line of the header here.
  • Top – You can add top for your header, which will be useful when you enable header over slider.
  • Border Radius – You can add border radius for your header, which best suits for header type 7.
  • Sub Menu Top – You can also define sub menu position for your header.

Logo & Favicon

To setup logos, please navigate to “Dashboard > Appearance > Trend Salon Options > Layout > General“, where you will be able to upload custom logos for web browsers and retina screens. Also you can specify width and heights of retina logos.

If you are using the latest version of WordPress you will have default option to setup favicons, for that navigate to “Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Customize -> Site Identity -> Site Icon“. If your WordPress doesn’t have that functionality you can make use of theme custom options in “Dashboard > Appearance > Trend Salon Options > Layout > General > Favicon

Top Bar

Theme comes with flexible options to create top bar as your need. Here are the available options.

  • Enable Top Bar – You can enable / disable the top bar at anytime without removing any other top bar options.
  • Left Content – Content that appears left side of the top bar.
  • Right Content – Content that appears right side of the top bar.
  • Padding Top – Custom top padding for your top bar.
  • Padding Bottom – Custom bottom padding for your top bar.
  • Font Size – Left – You can assign custom font size for your left side content of your top bar.
  • Font Size – Right – You can assign custom font size for your right side content of your top bar.
  • Top Border – You can create top border with border width and border style options.
  • Bottom Border – You can create bottom border with border width and border style options.
  • Line Height – Specify the line height for your header.


Here are the options available for creating breadcrumbs.

  • Breadcrumb Delimiter – Choose any one of the available breadcrumb delimiter.
  • Breadcrumb Types – Choose breadcrumb type from one of the 9 available types.
  • Breadcrumb Background Image – Choose background image for your breadcrumb.
  • Breadcrumb Background Image Position – Choose position of your background image.
  • Breadcrumb Background Image Repeat – Choose repeat option for your background image.
  • Breadcrumb Disable Parallax – You can disable parallax for your breadcrumb.
  • Breadcrumb Icons – You can add icons for your breadcrumbs separated by commas.

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