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Appointment Options

Appointment tab will be enabled in buddha panel only when DesignThemes Appointment Addon is installed and activated.


  • Here you can set the business hours for your company.


  • You can set your currency here.
  • You can also set Enable Pay At Arrival option which will user to book appointment without any payments.
  • Next if you widh you can configure PayPal Payment Settings here. They are API Username, API Password and API Signature.
  • If Enable Live options is set than all your transaction will be carried out in live server. If you wish to check your site with dummy entries than keep this option off.


Helps to configure appointment notification for staff and customer.

  • Settings – Configure sender name and sender email id here.
  • To Staff – Apppointment notification for staffs are configured here. Notifications are for New Appointments, Modified Appointments, Deleted Appointments and Appointment Remainder.
  • Settings – Apppointment notification for customers are configured here. Notifications are forNew Appointments, Modified Appointments andDeleted Appointments.
  • Also you can configure Success Message and Failure Message of booking appointments.

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