Spa Lab : SEO Options

SEO Options

  1. Title Delimiter – Please specify the symbol which will appear in title of the pages.
  2. You can change the title formats of post, page, category, archive, tags, search and 404 pages. also you can change the order of the title contents.
  3. Meta – To specify Meta data & other SEO elements
    1. You can generate automatic Canonical URLs for entire website
    2. You can exclude the archive, category and tag pages from indexing to avoid duplicate content.
    3. You can generate:
      1. Automatic description
      2. Meta keywords from the tag and category for posts.

Options related with SEO

  • Google Analytics – paste your Google Analytics code to track your site
  • Google Remarketing – paste your Google Remarketing code to add potential customers to Google list
  • Use built-in SEO fields – if you are using external SEO plugin, then our inbuilt SEO options are turn off automatically.
  • Meta Description – this is meta description for homepage but it`s also default description for each page added in Pages section.
  • Meta Keywords – this is meta keywords for homepage but it`s also default keywords for each page added in Pages section.

Please always remember to click “Save Changes” button. Without that you will lose all your changes.




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