Spa Lab : Retina Ready

Retina Ready

SpaLab is fully Retina Ready. Images can have two different sizes – a standard image for most screens, and a second image for devices with HQ screens like Retina.

For logos, there is an additional field in the SpaLab options > General > Logo section, where you can upload a standard logo and a retina logo that must be 2x larger than the standard image.

The same applies to all other images if you want to get perfect looking images on Retina screens. If for example you build a website where you upload regular images into Content or Muffin Builder, you must always upload 2 images in Media > Add new section as shown below:

my_image.png - this is the name for standard image
[email protected] - this is the example name for retina image and file must be always 2x larger than regular image

As you can see, the second file( for retina) must have an @ 2x additional name for the file.

If you upload all images twice as shown here, your entire website will feature perfect images on all the standard devices.


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