Spa Lab : Footer Options


Note: Most of the following footer options also available in Template pages (custom post), which is used to create unique pages. It means, yes you change the footer for particular page alone also.

Footer Options

Navigate to Dashboard -> Dashboard -> spalabOptions -> Layout -> Footer, where you can find complete footer options.

  • Enable Footer – Option to enable footer for your site.
  • Column Layout Footer or Shortcode Section Footer – You can switch bewteen these 2 footers using Enable Shortcode Section
    1. Column Layout – 11 column layouts and 7 footer types are available.
    2. Shortcode Section – You can add any type of shortcode here, for your footer section.
  • Background Image – Add background image for your footer, also choose background posistion and repeat option for the image.
  • Copyright – You can add copyright text for your footer and also you can disable it anytime.
  • Footer Menu – Show / hide footer menu here.
  • Content – Content added here will be displayed along with copyright text.

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