Spa Lab : Folder Structure

Folder Structure

The Spalab theme folder will contain a style.css file in the theme folder. This file will majorly have all the style information for our website.

The style.css will also have one very important this is the theme header. The theme header will be as comments in the style.css and will describe the theme.

The index.php is one of the main files in our theme. The index.php will be the most basic template used by WordPress to display the content of the request if it does not find any more specialized template to match the request in our theme folder.

In our theme we have their custom templates which allows for better organization of page template files. Custom page templates are page templates that can be applied to individual pages to change their design and layout . Custom page templates in this folder are automatically recognized by WordPress.

In functions.php the theme can add any code which it wants. Generally in functions.php perform task likes hooking into different WordPress hooks or defining WordPress widgets which can be used if this theme is enabled.

The Spalab theme could have a different template for categories called as category.php. This template will be used whenever a request to display a category is made. This template could style the contents of a category differently.

The Spalab theme can use a different template to display the content when one single post is displayed. This can be done by defining a single.php template. The single.php template by show the post differently like this might display the complete text instead of just excerpt. It might show the comments form below the post etc.

There are other template files also which you we define in our template to customize the contents and the look of specific pages in WordPress. Some of the important ones are as follows

    1. page.php -This can be used to customize the display of a page in the theme.
    2. comments.php – This can be used to customize the display of comments in the theme.
    3. author.php – This can be used to customize the display of author page in the theme.
    4. search.php – This can be used to customize the display of search results in the theme
    5. archive.php – This can be used to customize the display of archive pages like category, author etc when no other more specialized template is present.

Contains the css for all major browsers & for the font awesome & responsive. – ( Please ensure that your new styles are applied, make sure that they carry enough “weight” and that there isn’t a style lower in the CSS file that is being applied after yours. )

Contains the css for predefined skins that comes with the template.

Contains all the images that are used in the stylesheets for the layout purpose

This file is used for translate option It contains the two sub files with .mo and .po extensions. In the .po file it contains the all translated words and in the .mo file it contains the all original words. When want to use these file must change the name of the file. And does not store the two files separately in two different directories.

Contains javascript files & plugins.

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