Slider Common Questions & Issues

Slider Common Questions & Issues

1. Folder Structure

 The zip file you download below includes three folders, one for Layer Slider, one for Revolution Slider and one for Fusion Slider. Each slider has its own method of importing, see the links above for each method.

2. Slider Names

 Each slider has a unique name to help identify which one it is in relation to our live demo. The names are based on the first slide in each slider and are usually a descriptive representation.

3. Slider Images

 These demo sliders are mainly used to see our settings and see how we built the slides. You need to replace the images with your own because the images are not included in the exported data. Its very important that you replace each image with your own, the slider may not work if you miss one image so be careful when using these. Check each and every sublayer to ensure it does not have a missing image.

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