Sensei Options

Adding a Course

To add a Course, go to Lessons > All Courses and click on ‘Add New’.

Adding Course Content

Enter the content for your course page in the main content area.
This content should describe the course, and explain what learners can expect to learn if they take your course. This can contain any type of content you like, including images, videos and HTML Enter a brief description of your course in the Excerpt field (text only).

Note: When a prospective learner visits your course page, they will either see the full content, or only the excerpt, depending on what you select for the “Single Course page displays” setting in Sensei > Settings > Course Settings

Categorising Your Course

Optionally assign the course to one or more course categories. You can select any existing ones, or click the “Add New Course Category” link to add a new one.

Setting a Course Prerequisite

If you want your learners to take another course before they take this one, you can choose a Prerequisite Course:

Learners won’t be able to start taking your course until they have completed the prerequisite course.
Setting a Course as Featured you can check this box to mark a course as ‘Featured’, so it will display under Featured Courses on the Course Archive page and the Course Component widget.

Adding a Course Image

You can optionally add a featured image to a course, either by uploading from your computer, or adding one from your Media Library. The image will display on the Course Archive page and Single Course page, depending on your settings in Sensei > Settings > Course Settings.

Adding a Course Video

You can optionally add a video to your Course page by adding the video embed code (from YouTube, Vimeo etc.) in the Course Video field: This video will display for both users who are taking the course, and those who are not.

Note: If you don’t want to display this video to users who are not taking the course, you can embed the video in the main page content instead of using the Course Video field, and make sure you have “Single Course Page displays” set to “Course Excerpt” in Sensei > Settings > Course Settings.


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