Role : Install Layerslider

Installation via WordPress plugin installer

Step 1 : Navigate to Plugins -> Add new page on your WordPress admin area.

Step 2 : Select the Upload button on the top and choose the “” file that you’ve extracted from the downloaded archive, then hit the Install Now button.

Step 3 : WordPress may ask you to enter your FTP login credentials. Click on Proceed when you finished.

Step 4 : The plugin is now installed, click on the Activate Plugin button.

Installation via FTP

Step 1 : Extract the archive file on your machine that you’ve in your theme folder.

Step 2 : Find the “” file in the extracted contents and unpack that archive as well.

Step 3 : Open your favorite FTP application and connect to your server. Navigate to the “/wp-content/plugins/” folder.

Step 4 : Copy over the “LayerSlider” folder extracted from “” file.

Step 5 : Navigate to the Plugins page on your WordPress admin area and click the Activate button below LayerSlider WP.

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