Pregnancy Theme : Buddha Options Panel

Buddha Options Panel

Theme options are very important when it comes to the Painting theme. You must go through the theme options setup to make the theme work properly.

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Painting Options and click that menu.
  2. Fill out the available settings; It’s having 10 different types of setting pages with tabs.


  • Preloader – You can add your custom image for preloader and you can enable / disable at anytime.
  • Nice Scroll & Globally Disable Page Comments – Enable / disable ‘Nice Scroll’ and ‘Globally Disable Page Comments’ at any time.
  • Style Picker – You have option to disable Light & Dark version switch, you can also add special pages which will be displayed in style picker.


  • Make My Site Responsive – You can use this option to make site responsive.
  • Disable Slider for Mobile Devices – You can disable slider in mobile device.


  • Page Builder – You have option to enable / disable page builder for Page or Post at anytime.
  • Number Of One Pages – You can create maximum of 5 one pages here. If suppose you have selected 2, than 2 one page menu locations will be created in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menu and in page created using ‘One Page Template’.
  • Replace Buddha Panel Logo – If you wish you can replace buddha panel logo here.

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