LMS : Onsite Type

Onsite Type

These are the features of Onsite type classes.

1. First create a class from Dashboard -> Classes -> All Classes -> Add New . You can choose options for your classes.

2. Choose class type using Class Type Option.

3. You can Assign Teacher to this class using Teacher Option.

4. You can Assign this class as Featured Class using Featured Class Option.

5. Add subtitle for your class using Sub Title textbox.

6. Give the Main Tab Title for your class using Main Tab Title textbox.

7. Choose your content type ( Add course / Add timetable ) using Content Options.

8. Add title for your content using Content Title option.

9. You can add course using Add Courses option. Also make sure you haven’t added the same course to other classes. System won’t work properly if same course is assigned to more than one class.

10. Add timetable shortcode using Add Timetable Schortcode option. Make sure “Timetable WordPress Plugin – Weekly Class Schedule” plugin is installed and activated.

11. Choose class start date using Start Date option.

12. Add class total capacity using Capacity option.

13. Disable purchases / registration if total purchases / registration exceeds class capacity using Disable Purchases / Registration option.

14. Enable purchase option for this class using Enable Purchases option.

15. Enable registration option for this class using Enable Registration option. Note this option will be enabled only when purchase option is disabled.You can see number of registration from Dashboard -> Class Registrations

16. Add address for your this class event using Address option.

17. Provide latitude and longitude values using GPS Location option. If you are not sure about latitude and longitude values, provide correct address and click Click here to get GPS location button to generate latitude and longitude values automatically.

18. Add title for accessories tab using Accessories Tab Title Option.

19. You can additional items with icon, label and value using Add Accessories Option. Among these three its necessary to add value atleast.

20. If you wish you can add additional tabs along with content for your class using Add Tabs Option. You can add any shortcodes in this content box.




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