LMS : Integrate Custom Post Type Courses with S2Member

If you need to use the custom post type courses with S2Member plugin, please follow the below steps.

Make sure that you have Installed/Activated the S2Member Plugin. If not get into Admin Panel > Appearance > Install Plugins > There you can install the plugin.

Step 1

First select the S2Member payment method from the Buddha panel option [ Admin Panel > LMS > General > Advanced ].

Step 2

Then get into Admin Panel  >  S2Member  > General Option there you can assign the membership page. And also there you can edit the membership labels.

Step 3

Then get into Admin Panel > LMS > S2Member Settings > there you need to assign the member settings like member Description , Period , Term , Price.

Note : It will display under the S2Member Membership page when user click purchase course.

Step 4

Now you can assign the individual course price under the Course Options for S2Member level 1.

Note : When user have purchased the membership level [ s2Member Level 2, s2Member Level 3, s2Member Level 4 ] this price option will not be applicable.  Users will access all courses and classes for specified period and term.

For more details about the member level functionality kindly refer our knowledgebase link http://wesupport.wpengine.com/knowledge-base/lms-member-level-functionalities/

Payment Gateway

By default S2Member plugin supports the “PayPal” payment gateway only. When you install/activate the S2Member Pro version, then only you can use the complete payment gateway options which are supported by the S2Member (Stripe, Authnet, Clickbank).

Restriction Option

When you have enabled the S2Member Payment gateway, you can group some courses for certain membership level, then you have to use the restriction level option from the s2Member settings.

Or you can directly assign the restriction level when you create a course under the S2Member meta-box.

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