LMS: Bulk Import of Questions and Quizzes

This article explains how to bulk import the questions and quizzes in our LMS theme.

Make sure you have the latest version of the theme 4.7.1 in which we have added this option. If you are in a lower version, please update it to latest version by following the instructions in this article.


Navigate to the option in WordPress Dashboard > Course > Import as shown in this screenshot


Now you can see the options to import the questions and quizzes section. Just use the sample layouts file from the theme files downloaded and modify the files as per your needs and upload it to backend.

Important Notes:

  • Sample data files “Questions.csv” and “Quizzes.csv” comes along with this file.
  • Make sure you save the above files in “.csv” file format only.
  • In both the files 1st row gives you the description of each column. So datas will be imported only from 2nd row.
  • It is best practice to import “Questions.csv” file before “Quizzes.csv” file. Because it will be helpful to feed the question id ( you can note that from backend ) into “Quizzes.csv” file, so that quiz questions also imported.

Video Explanation

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