Kids World : Header Options

Header is an important theme feature, and is what users see first. There are 11 different header styles Options include on/off stick header, set up secondary menu, position for logo, and more. You can also setup different header styles for different pages. Header options are illustrated below.

Header layout

To setup header layout,navigate to Appearance > Kidsworld Options > Buddha Panel > Layout > Header and choose one of the available layouts. You can also set upuse these other options:

  • Header | Style – Choose a header style (Fullwidth Header, Boxed Header, Splitted Fullwidth Header, Splitted Boxed Header, Fullwidth Menu Center, Two Color Header, Fullwidth Menu Left, Left Header, Left Header Boxed, Creative Header, Overlay Header).
  • Header | Position – Choose a header position (above slider, on slider, below slider).
  • Header | Transparency Choose between Semi Transparent or Transparent header Transparency.
  • Header | Background – You can select and upload a custom background image, which will be applied for the selected header.

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