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Layout Options


  • Logo – You can upload custom logos for both web browsers and retina screens. Also you can specify width and heights of retina logos.
  • Favicons – If you are using the latest version of WordPress you will have default option to setup favicons, for that navigate to “Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Customize -> Site Identity -> Site Icon”. If your WordPress doesn’t have that functionality you can make use of theme custom options here.
  • Breadcrumb – Here you can configure Breadcrumb Delimiter, Breadcrumb Types, Breadcrumb Background Image, Breadcrumb Background Image Position, Breadcrumb Background Image Repeat, Breadcrumb Disable Parallax and Breadcrumb Icons for your breadcrumb.
  • Others – You can choose between Boxed and Fullwidth layout for your website. If you are choosing ‘Boxed’ layout, than you can choose custom background or predefined pattern for your website.


  • Header – Options available are Header Types, Header Content, Enable Menu Icons, Enable Header Over Slider, Line Height, Top, Border Radius, and Sub Menu Top position.
  • Top Bar – Options available are Enable Top Bar, Left Content, Right Content, Padding Top, Padding Bottom, Font Size – Left, Font Size – Right, Top Border, Bottom Border and Line Height.
  • Others – You have option to enable /disable ‘Sticky Navigation’ for both default pages and one pages.


  • Enable Footer – Option to enable footer for your site.
  • Background Image – Add background image for your footer, also choose background posistion and repeat option for the image.
  • Copyright – You can add copyright text for your footer and also you can disable it anytime.
  • Footer Menu – Show / hide footer menu here.
  • Content – Content added here will be displayed along with copyright text.

Custom Css & Js

  • Custom CSS – Add custom css here and you can enable / disable at any time.
  • Custom JS – Add custom js here and you can enable / disable at any time.


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