Installing Sensei

Note : The sensei plugin is not included in the Guru theme package, You need to purchase it separately

Installing Sensei

  1. Download the plugin to your computer
  2. Login to your WordPress admin panel, and go toPlugins > Add New
  3. Go to the Upload > Choose File and browse to where you downloaded the Sensei plugin folder.
  4. Select Install Now and then Activate the Sensei plugin
  5. Select Install Sensei Pages to complete installation.

This will create the Sensei Pages on your site, to display your Sensei content.

Activate your License Key

After you’ve installed Sensei pages, you should download and activate the WooThemes Updater plugin (if you don’t already have it), then activate your license key. You should see this notice about downloading the WooThemes Updater plugin on your site:

After installing and activating the WooThemes Updater plugin, to activate your license:

  1. Copy your license key by going to your WooThemes Account Dashboard > My Licenses tab.
  2. Next, go to your site’s wp-admin: Dashboard > WooThemes Licenses.
  3. Paste your license key.
  4. Select Activate Products to save.

This will enable you to update your Sensei plugin with just two clicks, when updates are available.

Whether the Sensei plugin is inculded in the Guru theme package?

The sensei plugin is not included in the theme package. You need to purchase it separately. Our theme only compatible with the sensei plugin

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