How to translate our theme using Loco Translate

Please follow the below method if you want to translate our theme via loco translate plugin.

Make sure that you have installed/activated the loco translate plugin.

Default Language

Loco Translate isn’t responsible for setting your WordPress language, navigate to Settings > General admin screen and scroll to the bottom. You should see a dropdown list with the label “Site Language”. Changing this will set a new default language for all site visitors.

Continuing the theme of our example, we’re going to set the language to Franch, listed under “Available > Français” in the list.


You have to translate both theme and plugin files. Then only you can achieve complete translation of the theme. And make sure that you have translated our default po and mo file name.

Example :

  1. Theme Folder : designtheme-slug-name.pot – Rename this pot file into po file.
    Ex: designtheme-slug-name.pot into fr_FR.po (OR) default.po into fr_FR.po
  2. Pluign Folder : Rename dttheme-core.pot into dttheme-core-fr_FR.po. Open this po file and translate the words. While saving this po file automatically mo file will generated ( then check front page.

Step 1

Now navigate to Loco Translate > Themes > Translate Themes > here you need to choose your theme.

Step 2

After that hit the option Add New Language there you can set your own language and select the theme folder path.

Now your loco translation files are ready to translate.

In this similar way you can translate the designthemes core feature plugin file under Admin Panel > LOCO Translate > Plugins.

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