How to Setup WPML for multi-language site

If you are running a multi language site, you need to install the wpml plugin.

Note : You need to purchase and install WPML plugin for having a multilingual site. Our theme only supports WPML plugin.

Kindly follow the below steps

Step 1

Kindly install/activate the WPML plugin.

Step 2

Get into Admin Panel > WPML > Language Settings there you can select your desired languages.

Step 3

After that if you want to Enable the “Language Switcher” then you can enable the language switchers.

Language Switcher options: By default you can enable the switchers under the below sections.

  • Menu Language Switcher
  • Widget Language Switcher
  • Footer Language Switcher

Note : Do you want to display the language switchers in any other place, then kindly use the below code.


String Translation

If you are using the WPML plugin then you can translate the words using the string translation option.

Note : Make sure that when you have translated the words under the string translation, you must not translate the words under the PO editor.

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