How to redirect users to success page after purchase

Please follow the below method if you need to redirect the success page after purchase the course.

Make sure that you have installed/activated S2Member Pro Version. Then only it will reflects on the front-end.

A Registration/Purchase Thank-You Page can be used to provide additional instructions to a new member—after they’ve completed registration. This Registration Thank-You Page can be shown to members after they complete registration and before they log in.

We use the success=”” shortcode attribute, which also happens to work with PayPal Buttons whenever you have s2Member Pro.

Open the file in this path wp-content/themes/lms/framework/loops/membership-s2member.php using some editor like DreamWeaver and there you can add a success attribute with redirect URL page link after the button shortcode.

Sample Code

[s2Member-Pro-AuthNet-Form register="1" level="2" ccaps="" desc="" custom="" tp="0" tt="D" captcha="" success="/welcome-2/" /]

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