How to increase Theme Speed

Please try the following options for speeding up the theme.

Step 1:
  • Go to Dashboard / Media and Remove the unwanted/unused images. OR you can use third party plugin for removing unused images – Image CleanUp
  • Go to Dashboard / Plugins and delete unused plugins, etc.
Step 2:
  • Optimize all the images that you have used in the theme.
    Ex: Sumsh It
Step 3:

This is the important step in increasing the performance of your site. This plugin will maximum reduce all the performance issues and increase the page speed drastically. Some of the features done by this plugin are.

  1. Creating Page Cache.
  2. Minifying the js files
  3. Minifying the css files
  4. CDN.
  5. Object Cache
  6. Database Cache.

You need to configure the settings of this plugin one by one to see the changes. Please have a look at this link for more details,

Step 4:
  • Get a good hosting server for your website.

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