How to create one page template – Finance

Step 1

Create a new page and select page template as “One Page Template” and Choose Menu.

In Choose menu dropdown, You can view “Header Menu,Left menu,Right menu” , select any one of the menu. For ex: In our theme, we have used “Header menu” as multi-page concept so we have selected “Left Menu”

Step 2

Go to Dashboard / Appearance / Menus and select “Left Menu

i) Add menus using “Custom link” and add URL as like “#slider,#about etc” because using “ID” you have to navigate one section to another section in same page.

Step 3

Add content to this page and select slider. for ex: You can copy shortcode from home page and paste it to here.

Step 4

Update and view page.You can view menus which we have added from Dashboard / Appearance / Menu / Left Menu

Step 5

Now you have to add “ID”. For that Edit page and select any one of row settings and add Row Id as #about

Step 6

Inspect one page template page and find slider id then add it into “Home” menu.

Step 7

Now you can reload the one-page and check ‘about’ and ‘home’ navigation.

Watch this video also – One page Template

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