How to create doctors page

Please follow the below method if you want to display the doctors single page like our demo site.

In our default demo page we have displayed our doctors info and doctors meta details.

Doctors Detail Page

Step 1

Get into Admin Panel > Appearance > Onelife Options > Medical > Medical Add-On > Doctor Custom Fields > there you can add your custom fields.

Step 2

Then navigate to Doctors > Add New Doctors > there you can find the additional fields section under the default doctors settings option which are added under  the Buddha panel. Here you can fill the details.

Step 3

And to display the doctors thumbnail and personal details, then you have to add doctors info visual composer module.

Now if you want to display those details, then you have to add doctors meta visual composer module.

Doctors Page

Step 4

If you want to display the all doctors in the doctors page with filter option, then navigate to Pages > Add New > there you can add the Filterable Doctors Module.

Video Explanation

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