How to create contact form using contact form 7

Having a contact form on your WordPress website is a great way for your visitors to communicate with you. While there are many plugins for WordPress that allow you to add a contact form to one of your website’s pages, Contact Form 7 makes it a simple task.

How to create new form

Login to your WordPress site and Open the Contact > Contact Forms menu on your WordPress administration panel. You can manage multiple contact forms there.

You can create a new form by hit the option ADD NEW FORM.

You may feel that the default form is too simple for you and you want to add more fields to it. You can edit the form template and add other fields.

Customizing a Form

To add fields to a form, make tags for them and insert them into the form field. You’ll find unfamiliar codes in the form field, for example, [text* your-name]. These codes are called tags.

The second word in the tag is its name. For example, the name of [text* your-name] is your-name. This name is important as it is used later in your mail template.

If you want to add required field then you have to place * symbol inside the tag.

Customizing Mail

You can edit mail templates in the Mail field. You can use tags there as well,but note that tags for mail are different from those tags for forms.

Tags you can use in a mail template contain only one word in brackets and look like [your-name]. You should be aware that this your-name is the same as the name of the form tag.

In mail, [your-name] will be replaced by the user’s input value, which is submitted through the corresponding form field, which, in this case, is [text* your-name].

You can use visual composer and our own shortcodes inside the contact form fields.

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