How to Create A Portfolio Page ?

Follow These Steps Below To Create A Portfolio Page

Step 1 : Navigate to Pages and click Add New.

Step 2 : Input a new name for your page, then find the Page Attributes box on right side.

Step 3 : Select any of our various Portfolio page templates from the dropdown list, this will apply any portfolio post you create to the page. See the following step to find out how to specify a specific category per page.

Step 4 : Scroll down to find the Page Options Box, inside is a Portfolio section where you can select which portfolio categories will show on this page. This option is what allows you to create multiple portfolio pages because each page can have a different set of posts assigned to it with the portfolio category option.

Step 5 : Select any number of page options in the Page Options box and add content in the editing field. If you add content to the editing field, it will show above the portfolio posts.

Step 6 :Once you are done, be sure to Publish each page you create.

Integration - portfolio

Portfolio Setting

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