Header & Footer Options

Header & Footer Options

The header is probably one of the first things you will want to setup. The header consists of pretty much everything above, including the menu. We are also including the Top Bar and Page Title Bar in this section. There are many different ways to customize header. These elements include colors and fonts. All of this is done via our Buddha Panel Options.

Header Types

Theme comes with few header types you can use any one of them. To set that, please navigate to “Dashboard > Appearance > Pregnancy Options > Layout > Header

You can also add leftside and rightside content for the header. This option differs based on the header types.

Logo & Favicon

To setup logos, please navigate to “Dashboard > Appearance > Pregnancy Options > Layout > General” for Logo section, where you will be able to upload Custom and Retina Logos. You can also setup some different logo options (favicons) hereby.

Please remember that Retina Logo should be always 2x larger than the Custom Logo currently in use (this field is optional).


The Pregnancy footer consists of the widget area and the copyright area. Both of these areas can be configured in Theme Options on the Footer tab. The widget area consists of 5 total columns, and each column can have its own set of widgets. You can select to show 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns in the footer widget section, whichever column width you choose will allow the widget area to stretch the full width of the column. Footer widgets are added in the widget section of your admin.

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