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Social icons

Gardening Theme includes a large set of social icons that can be used all throughout the theme. These social icons are a custom font icon, so it will always be super crisp and will not require any images. Using a font icon also allows us to have advanced color options. Social Icons can be used in several different areas and have multiple customization options. The following sections below will cover each of these areas and options to give you a clear understanding of our social icon integration in the Gardening theme.

To set up social icons, right top corner, navigate Appearance > Buddha Options > Layout > Social Icons and set up links for social profiles. Note: Each external link should always start with http://!

Social Media Links – The Social Media tab in Theme Options is where you will insert your custom social media links for each network you want to display. The URL’s you enter on this tab will apply to the social icons in the header, footer or social sharing box.

For example, if you want to display the Facebook icon in the header, footer or social sharing box, you need to insert the URL of your Facebook page in the corresponding field. Gardening also allows one custom social icon on the social media tab. The custom social icon has to be an image, but it is beneficial because it allows you to add a network that is not included with the theme.

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