Gardening Theme : Menu Setting

Setting Up The Menu

Gardening supports custom WordPress menus, with multiple levels of dropdown support for the main menu. There are 3 areas of the theme where you can assign a menu; the main menu, the Secondary Menu, and the Shortcode Menu. Each of these menu locations can have a custom menu assigned. Once a menu is created and assigned to the location, it will show up on the site. There are also several Theme Options to customize the menu. Please see below for the menu locations, how to create a new menu, and the menu Theme Options.

Gardening Offers 3 Different Menu Locations

  • Main Menu – This is the Main Menu that shows in the Header area.
  • Secondary Menu – This is the top Secondary Menu that can be assigned with headers 2-5.
  • Shortcode Menu – This is the Menu that can be assigned to show using shortcode.

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