Free Support from Design Theme

All of our items come with free support, and we have a dedicated support forum to handle your requests. Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s features or problems with the theme. We are not able to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins. If you need help with anything other than minor customizations of your theme then you should enlist the help of a developer.

Step 1 – Click Here To Create An Account, you will need your Themeforest purchase code which can only be received after buying the theme from

Step 2 – You need to enter your Themeforest Purchase Code, e-mail and a password. Your forum username will be the same username that purchased the theme on Themeforest.

Step 3 – Once you are signed up, you need to sign into the forum with your new account to start using the forum. Please use the search field first to find answers.

Step 4 – To create a new topic, click the “Create A New Topic” button in the right sidebar.

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