Fitness Zone : set up bbPress plugin

Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum

bbPress is a plugin for wordpress that adds forum capability to your site.

bbPress uses your site’s styling where it can to try and match your themes style. This can work really well on some themes, but doesn’t work well on others, so some styling will be needed.

Setting up wordpress requires some or all of the following stages depending on how you want it to look.

The instructions here:

1. Install the plugin

2. Set up some test forums or import a forum

3. Create a wordpress page for your forum display

4. Amend any other settings

5. Hidden vs. public forums – decide which or a mixture suits you

6. Decide on registration/user logins – automatic or manual?

7. Manually adding users to your forum – if you have chosen this route.

8. Make sure bbPress uses the page template we want

9. Add a custom sidebar or use existing sidebar with conditional logic

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