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What about DesignThemes Page Builder? With the help of this, web development is child’s play. Page can be spitted on totally different sections where you can choose things like colors, backgrounds, layouts, sidebars, classes and much more. For each section you can add an items that you need.

Now with the new DesignThemes Builder, you can also do things like clone sections or items. So building websites is much faster and easier now, and you will love it!

To add an item inside section please click “Add item ” button. After that you will see the right item added below. You can do few more things with that item added.

  • You have a “Re-sizable Column” item along with all the default columns.
  • You can delete Item/Section if you don`t need it by ˟ in right Item corner.
  • You can also move any Item/Section by drag & drop simply.

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