Export / Import Revolution Sliders

The Revolution Slider allows you to easily export/import your slides. It’s always a good idea to backup your slides so you can easily import them again if you ever need to. Making animated slides takes a lot of time, make sure you export the data so you don’t ever lose the time you’ve spent on them. The Revolution Slider requires you to export each slider individually. Export each slide you have made and it will give you an individual zip file that contains all the necessary files.


How To Export Revolution Sliders – Open the slider settings page and find the import/export section below the main settings. Click the “Export” button and you will receive a zip file with all the needed files inside.

How To Import Revolution Sliders – First you must create a new slider. Next find the import/export section below the main slider settings. Click “Choose File” button and select your zip file then click “Import”.

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