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Demo content

When you first install any WordPress theme, it will not contain all the extra content that you might have seen in the live (demo) site. There are two ways you can import the Fitness Zone Theme Demo Content; the entire demo with all the settings through our Theme Options Importer, or importing only individual pages. Usually you have to import an XML file, which can be troublesome. We’ve made it easier by creating a Theme Options Demo Content Importer.

How To Import Demo Content?

Follow the below steps to install the demo content easily.

  • First make sure ‘DesignThemes Core Features Plugin’ is installed and activated.
  • Now navigate to Dashboard -> Fitness Zone and click ‘Import Dummy Data’ button. Be sure to accept the alert message.
  • Please be patient it may take few minutes to import everything. Once completed you will receive a success message.

Note: “Error : Failed to import Media …. : If you get ‘Failed to import Media “XXXX”‘ error like this, Nevermind, those errors !! However you’ll have the dummy or placeholder images for each of those items instead.

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