Consultancy : Revolution Slider

Import & Export Slider Import

  • Overwrite current slider settings and slides with those from the imported slider zip.
  • Browse: select the slider import zip from your computer.
  • Custom Animations / Static Styles
    • Overwrite: overwrite previous styles and animations with those from the imported slider.
    • Append: preserve previous styles and custom animations (usually the best option).
  1. Go the Revolution Slider tab in your WordPress Admin Panel, and click the Import Slider button.
  2. Choose the zip file of the slider you’d like to import.
  3. Once you’ve chosen the zip file, an Import Slider button will appear.
  4. Click the Import Slider button, and wait for it to finish uploading.
  5. Once it’s finished uploading, you will see your imported slider in the list of Revolution Sliders available.


Export the current slider, creates a “zip” file that can be saved to your computer for later usage (i.e. “imported” to a different website).

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