Citrus : One Page Setup

One Page Setup

  1. Goto Wp-admin -> Pages, create a page with ‘One Page Template'(which will act as one page) and save it.
  2. After that, goto Wp-admin -> Settings -> Reading, there choose One Page(page which is created with one page template) from ‘Front page’ drop down of ‘A static page’ option
  3. After creating all necessary pages in Wp-admin -> Pages, navigate to Wp-admin -> Appearance -> Menus section. Here add all your pages from available sections and select ‘Header Menu’ option under ‘Menu Settings.
  4. There will be class attribute in every choosen menu. If you like to have some menus link to external page then add class ‘external’ for those menus else those menus will be binded with one page
  5. If you are no longer to use this as one page theme, select some other static page in reading settings.

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