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Before After WordPress : This easy Before After WordPress visual diff tool is perfect to showcase your work, where it’s essential to visualize the difference between two images. Create unlimited instances on a single page. All you need is simply wrap any two images with [ before-after ] shortcode opening and closing tags inside WordPress editor.

It’s that easy! The rest is taken care of – fully responsive, that means that it will look great on all devices, tablet, desktop and even mobile. Highly customizable, you pick the colors, label text and position, handle offset and orientation, handle move on drag or hover. Everything you could wish for to match the awesome design of your website.


Step 1 : Go to appearance -> install plugins -> Click “Before After Slider” plugin.

Step 2 : After a success installation, Click to activate

Step 3 : Then Go to ” Before After Slider “Setting page in the bottom of WordPress navigation panel

Step 4 : Create / edit a sample slider publish it

Step 5 : Once finished, click to save the settings.


Step 1 : Go to your blog’s / page WordPress Admin Panel -> Options -> Before After

Step 2 : Set the parameters as per your requirements (should work with default parameters too)

Step 3 : See Plugin Pagefor more details on configuration parameters

Manual Installation

Step 1 : Plugin folder in the WordPress plugins folder must be before-after

Step 2 :Upload folder before-after to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

Step 3 :Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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