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Attorney theme come with page builder which makes creation of page simpler and easier. To enable / disable page builder in post, page, portfolio and attorney globally navigate to Attorney(Buddha Panel) -> Page Builder tab. You can switch between Page Builder and WordPress default editor in any single post or page or portfolio or attorney at any time.



  • WordPress Editor‘ button and ‘Attorney Page Builder‘ button is used to switch between WordPress default editor and Page Builder.
  • If you keep the ‘Enable page builder‘ option active while saving, then every time this page will be loaded by keeping page builder active.
  • Use ‘Clear All‘ button to completely clean the builder area
  • Create Sample Layout‘ button is used to save the existing modules in builder area to separate layout. After updating the page created layout will be listed in ‘Sample Layouts‘ tab.
  • We have 8 tabs of modules consisting of columns(‘Columns’), modules(‘General’, ‘Unique’, ‘Others’), widgets(‘WP Widgets’, ‘Attorney Widgets’, ‘Events Widgets’) and sample layouts(‘Sample Layouts’).

Page Builder


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