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In addition to tutorial videos, we also do highlight videos for major releases so you can easily keep up to date on what features are being added to the theme and how to use them.

  1. Installation of Fitness zone theme video
  2. Blog template customization
  3. Customizing gallery posts
  4. Using and editing workout lists
  5. Woocommerce plugins customization
  6. BBpress and buddypress configuration Video
  7. Timetable events Plugin configuration
  8. Shortcodes Builder usage
  9. Mega menu widget creation
  10. Installation of Fitness zone theme video
  11. Using S2 Member Plugin

1.Installation of Fitness zone theme video

2.Blog template customization

3.Customizing gallery posts

4.Using and editing workout lists

5.Woocommerce plugins customization

6.BBpress and buddypress configuration Video

7.Timetable events Plugin configuration

8.Shortcodes Builder usage

9.Mega menu widget creation

10.Installation of Fitness zone theme video

11.Using S2 Member Plugin

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